Sunday, March 4, 2012

Outback Steakhouse Recipe Links

Happy Weekend everyone!  I promised in my first post I would put some of the recipes online from last week's "Outback" meal at home.

First is the Outback Ranch:  Outback Ranch
This is at Food.Com and is a great recipe.  I found it was a little thick after chilling for a few hours, but adding a little more buttermilk when you make it seemed to help it out.  It just depends on your tastes.  As is it is a great ranch dip as well!

Next, the Baked Potato: Outback Baked Potatoes
This is so easy, I was almost embarrassed to say I looked it up, but I am a recipe girl so here you go!

And finally, the Alice Springs Chicken (including that glorious Honey Mustard):  Alice Springs Chicken
I added a little more honey to the Honey Mustard, but it's just incredible.  I also only put mushrooms on mine, as my husband and children don't seem to care for that umami goodness!

Thanks for following and good luck!

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