Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's been too long . . . so I hope this Peanut Butter Pie makes up for it!

Hello, Strangers!

Sorry for my absence, it's been far too long and I have no excuse except that I keep forgetting to take pictures of what I am eating and then feel really bad that I can't post about it!

So, I'm making up for it tonight!  After originally saying I was making chile-lime salmon with asian sides, the Bomb Dude and I agreed that we just weren't feeling it so we made Italian Sausages, Peppers & Onions on the grill with risotto and steamed green beans.  Here's a few pictures of the main course:

The sausages were just store bought and we cut up onions, red and yellow peppers.  The husband then mixed the veggies with olive oil and italian seasoning.  I swear I almost didn't want him to cook them, but these were even better once he added a touch of butter and put them on the grill.  Yum!

The risotto is from Giada DeLaurentis's Everyday Italian.  I'll be making this next week for Father's Day with a Braciole, so tune in then for the recipe!  The green beans were steamed in the bag and then I sauteed them in a little Land O'Lakes Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, along with more olive oil and some Italian Dressing Seasoning.  Pinterest is such a lovely thing!

Finally I made dessert.  Actually I made it earlier in the day, and it was the first thing I have made with my New (to me) Kitchenaid Mixer!  OMG, I love this thing and have to thank my mother-in-law by way of my sister-in-law for allowing me to keep this in the family!  The dessert I made was  -

PEANUT BUTTER PIE!  I could wear this it was so good!  I got the recipe from the Dinosaur Barbeque cookbook. Dinosaur BBQ is a roadhouse style BBQ restaurant in Western NY - Rochester & Syracuse.  My sister-in-law lived in Rochester for a few years and we loved visiting and going to the Finger Lakes Wine country, as well as this rocking restaurant.  When she moved back home I was worried I would never have the BBQ again, but found this cookbook in the local Wegmans and have made great use of the recipes.

The Peanut Butter Pie is very easy, and here's what I did:

The Crust - I cheated, I admit it.  I can't keep Oreo's in the house and didn't want the temptation so I bought a chocolate crumb pie crust.  Tasted good to me, so won't complain.

The Filling - this is the good part anyway!

1 c. heavy cream
1 tablespoon vanilla
8 oz. cream cheese, softened (I used reduced fat)
1 1/4 c. smooth peanut butter
1 cup confectioners's sugar

Put the cream, vanilla, cream cheese, peanut butter, and confectioners' sugar in mixer bowl.  Mix on low for 1 minute, until blended, then gradually increased the speed to high.  Whip until light and fluffy, about one more minute.

Spoon the filling into the chilled pie shell.  Even off the top and sprinkle with peanuts (if you want - I skipped this and didn't miss it too much).  Pop into the fridge and let it chill until set, about 4 hours.  Serve chilled and cut into wedges.  Don't leave it out at room temperature for too long because it will soften too much.

I put some chocolate sauce on top to serve, but honestly it was plenty good on its own!

Well, the girls are chomping at the bit to go to a sleepover so I need to run, but thanks for sticking with me and I promise I'll remember to take more pictures and update more!

Have a great week!!